best rain gear for fishing

Best Rain Gear for Fishing

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Any self-respecting angler is undoubtedly going to spend some time fishing in the rain. These conditions can seriously hamper your enjoyment and performance if you’re not prepared for it.

Below, you’ll find some essential insights into what makes for the best rain gear for fishing. We’ll help you make the right decision for your next purchase. 

Top Pick
Rivers West Kokanee Jacket, Color: Olive, Size: XL...
Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Lightweight Reusable...
RIVERS WEST Ambush Bib (Mossy Oak Shadowgrass...
Rivers West Kokanee Jacket, Color: Olive, Size: XL…
Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Lightweight Reusable…
RIVERS WEST Ambush Bib (Mossy Oak Shadowgrass…
Top Pick
Rivers West Kokanee Jacket, Color: Olive, Size: XL...
Rivers West Kokanee Jacket, Color: Olive, Size: XL…
Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Lightweight Reusable...
Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Lightweight Reusable…
RIVERS WEST Ambush Bib (Mossy Oak Shadowgrass...
RIVERS WEST Ambush Bib (Mossy Oak Shadowgrass…

Fishing Rain Gear Guide

It’s not just the novice who can struggle to make the right decision when looking for the best fishing rain gear. With so much on the market now, even an experienced angler can find it hard to make the final call. When shopping for fishing rain suits and heavy-duty rain gear remember, you’ll have it for a few years.

Whether you’re looking to see what’s new in the world of breathable rain gear or find the best value suits on the market our handy buying guide will help you head in the right direction. 

trout fishing in the rain

What to look for when buying rain gear?

When it comes to fishing, wet and windy weather are part and parcel. However, even the dreariest of weather conditions can make for desirable results at the lake or riverbank.

Investing in a new Gore-Tex rain suit and quality waterproof gear is an absolute must for anyone regularly fishing in rain. The best gear for fishing during a downpour will likely boast a durable water-repellent finish on its upper-most surface.

Commonly abbreviated as ‘DWR’, this hardy coating will ensure that rain and other moisture simply runs off your gear, rather than penetrate deeply to deeper layers of material. Looking for a waterproof fishing jacket and more budget-friendly choices?

Waterproof gear for men can indeed be found at the cheaper end of the spectrum, with materials like polyester and nylon commonly used. These less costly options tend to utilise waterproofing agents like PVC. 

Waterproof Fishing Bibs

If you’re serious about fishing, you’re no doubt the kind of angler who enjoys spending hours at a time at the lakeside or riverbank.

In addition to ensuring you’ve picked out the best gear for fishing in all weathers, you’ll want to complement those water-resistant treatments and windproof fabrics with lightweight designs that score highly when it comes to comfort and practicality.

Certainly when first starting out, many anglers don’t put too much thought into the flexibility their gear needs to deliver. Also, when it comes to your outer layers, consider giving yourself a little more breathing room and opt for a size bigger than your usual so to accommodate your bases and mid layers.

The last thing you want is cumbersome rain suits stacked over unsuitable base layers that limit your ability to cast off, let alone reel in the big one once you’ve got a bite. For one, you need to invest in high-quality base layers with good levels of elasticity that. If you’re adding both mid and outer layers, make sure you opt for items made from lightweight, breathable materials to maximise overall comfort and ensure high levels of flexibility when fishing.

Be it rain bibs and fishing overalls or something more substantial, don’t force yourself into a flexibility fail when it comes to layering. 

fly fishing in the rain

Breathable Rain Gear 

An easy way to approach layering for fishing in the rain and other conditions is to use a system with versatility. Breathable fabrics are staple outfitting when it comes to outdoor sports and recreation and should always be used as your base.

They’re there to wick away moisture, keeping sweat and moisture from building up. This reduces general discomfort and keeps the cold at bay. In cooler months, a mid layer should be used to create a layer of trapped air, helping retain heat.

Breathable rain gear for mid layers are versatile in design, with everything from rain poncho basics to staples from the best jacket brands around to consider. 

lake trout

Waterproof Outerwear

Your outer layers are primarily there for waterproof and windproof functionality, but they also provide additional breathability to work alongside your other items.

Whether it’s lightweight fishing overalls or a Gore Tex rain suit from one of the big brands, outer layers represent the fishing gear for men most exposed to the elements. Robust products with guarantees of quality is, therefore, a must and while the best value suits on the market combine budget-friendly affordability with functionality, this is the area where you’ll want to really consider spending a little more.

To ensure you’re getting as much for your money as possible, take note of things like integrated storage. More than just a place to tuck cold hands on chilly days, quality rain gear for men can offer all manner of pockets and compartments for your convenience. Ideal if you’re after a waterproof bolthole for electronic devices or D-rings for easy access of your favourite items. 

Best Rain Gear for Fishing

Now we’ve explored what to look for when picking out first-rate rain gear for men, we’ve picked out a shortlist of five of the best items currently available for you to consider. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new waterproof fishing jacket or splash out on a rain jacket and pants combo, there’s plenty of inspiration on what to upgrade to here. 

Best Wading Jacket: Wright & McGill Review

What we liked:

  • Quality construction from one of the best jacket brands with four individual layers made from Aqualex material, offering plenty of protection against the elements. 
  • Made with the same material as regular Wright & McGill waders, with waterproof fabric holding up well to intense weather conditions. 
  • Additional neoprene cuffs provide added waterproof function, creating watertight seal. 
  • Plenty of useful storage pockets on offer, including two spacious tackle pockets at the front that are large enough to carry things like bait boxes. 
  • Additional pockets at the chest, sleeve and storm flap provide ready access to your most frequently used items and ensure flexible movement when fishing. 
  • Oversized zippers make accessing pockets and removing the jacket incredibly easy, even in cold and wet conditions. 
  • Includes fleece-lined hand warmer pockets to keep digits protected from the cold during long spells waiting for a bite. 

Things that need improving:

  • Neoprene cuffs only provide watertight seal function when combined with Wright & McGill Tailwater Gloves, rather than general glove designs from other manufacturers. 
  • Jacket sizes run a little larger than most brands, so worth paying attention to layering considerations before buying. 

Best Fishing Jacket: Rivers West Kokanee Review 

What we liked:

  • Delivers impressive results for those after full waterproof and windproof functionality, with fully sealed seams as standard to keep the elements out. 
  • Particularly good waterproof features, with neoprene cuffs delivering a watertight seal and a stow-away visor hood that keeps dripping water from clouding your field of vision. 
  • High-quality materials throughout, including a 600 denier woven Oxford outer layer that stands up well against repeated exposure to the elements. Ideal for those seeking a durable design that will last. 
  • Breathable membrane layer ensures moisture is wicked away with ease, minimising discomfort when fishing during any season. 
  • Taffeta lining delivers reliable cooling performance, taking the edge off more intensive angling activity so you don’t have to remove your outer layer when fishing. 
  • Plenty of useful storage on offer, with two spacious chest pockets for angling accessories within easy reach. 
  • Additional hand-warmer pockets include compartments to add hot packs for taking the edge off particularly chilly days. 
  • User-friendly 2-way zipper at front, with waterproofed zippers throughout as standard. 
  • Added convenience of D-rings at the waist, allowing you to attach essential accessories. 
  • Relatively lightweight for level of protection offered, making it a comfortable choice. 

Things that need improving:

  • Doesn’t offer same levels of heat insulation as other jackets on the market, making it more suitable for generally warmer climes or spring/summer season fishing. 
  • No vents to speak of, limiting the breathability function of this jacket somewhat. 
  • Stylish enough design, but limited choice of colours. 

Best Fishing Rain Poncho: Anyoo Waterproof Military Review

What we liked:

  • Cord adjustments and hook and loop fastening means this poncho can be better tailored for an individual fit, making it a more worthwhile option than other designs claiming to be a ‘one size fits all’ solution. 
  • Made from a single piece of material to minimise the chance of moisture penetration, while PVC coating further enhances waterproof functionality. 
  • Unlike some ponchos that can tear with ease, this design is made from rip-resistant nylon that holds up well to heavy-handed tugs and pulls. 
  • Includes snug-fitting hood with adjustable cord to create a more waterproof seal round the neck and face. 
  • Ideal for those after a more compact choice of rain layer, with a lightweight design that folds away neatly for storage in small creels or backpacks. 
  • Poncho can also be used as a ground sheet or multi-purpose tarp when required, making it a versatile accessory to have if you later replace with a more substantial rain jacket layer.

Things that need improving:

  • Advertised as a one-size-fits-all option, but anglers looking to add a top layer to already bulky fishing ensembles might find things a little restrictive. 
  • Although it’s advertised as multi-purpose for general outdoor activities, it’s not massively tailored toward the needs of the angler, with no real storage offered in the form of pockets. 
  • Slight difference in overall weight and side design details, depending on the exact colourway design selected. 

Best Rain Suit for Fishing: Frogg Toggs Rain Suit Review

What we liked:

  • Made from Frogg Toggs’ Classic Fabric, a non-woven material that scores well when it comes to wind-resistant capabilities and waterproof functionality. 
  • Both parts of the suit benefit from breathability, making it a good choice for summer months and warmer weather. 
  • Innovative DriPore 2 Gen technology enhances the middle layer of this rain suit, ensuring that moisture is prevented from penetrating deeper into the fabric. Ideal for those looking to fish in any weather. 
  • Fabric also boasts a surprisingly soft and supple feel, giving the wearer increased levels of mobility and ensuring higher overall levels of comfort. 
  • Jacket hood is both adjustable for a more personalised fit and removable, ensuring it’s even more suitable for warmer conditions or those after a bit more flexibility of movement. 
  • Front zipper on jacket is protected by storm flap, adding another layer of protection against downpours. 
  • Rain suit pants are easily adjustable at the waist thanks to a convenient elasticated waistband, while adjustable leg openings provide even more freedom of movement when needed. 

Things that need improving:

  • A distinct lack of pockets and storage compartments really holds this rain suit back when it comes to fishing. 
  • The waterproof capabilities of this rain jacket and paints might be compromised if leg openings and jacket front flap aren’t properly fastened at all times. Not great for those after breathable rain gear that protects against downpours constantly. 
  • Sizes do run a little large, so potential buyers will want to order bigger than their usual. 

Best Waterproof Bib: Rivers West Camouflage Bib Review

Things we liked:

  • A good choice for those who want to combine a flexible outer layer with plenty of protection against the elements, making it suitable for cold weather fishing. 
  • Particularly good at keeping the cold out thanks to a combo of micro-fleece at the exterior and a Sherpa lining. 
  • Although it’s a heavyweight knit, this fishing bib allows for ample flexibility with it’s ultra-soft fleece and elasticated waist.
  • A revered suspender belt means you can transform these bibs to conventional fishing pants with ease, making these rain bibs a versatile addition to your heavy duty rain gear. 
  • Offer plenty of storage options, with zipper chest pockets within easy reach, along with spacious cargo pockets for carrying larger items. 
  • Large D-rings are handy for attaching other accessories, making these bibs suitable for those who prefer to have all their equipment ready to go. 

What needs improving:

  • As this bib has been designed with the hunting market in mind primarily, you’re limited to a camouflage motif. 
  • Although it scores well for overall breathability, there’s no additional vents which might limit the use of these bibs in warmer months. 
  • Sizes run a little large, so take care when picking out your choice. 

Wrap Up

As you can see, this crop of quality products boasts plenty of benefits that far outweigh the cons. Fishing rain suits are incredibly functional but need user-friendly features and versatility in their design to perform.

Despite a slight pocket shortage, the rain jacket and pants combo we picked out for our shortlist delivers in spades in every other aspect. It’s also great to see more everyday items of gear like a fishing rain jacket still be able to stand out from the crowd, with the Rivers West selection we earmarked definitely demonstrating how quality construction and material development delivers a superior garment.

If you need any further information learning how to fly fish then check out our homepage. We also have a lot of information on fly fishing since you’re reading this article I bet you’re wondering about trout fishing in the rain. Is it worth it?

Tight lines!

Rivers West Kokanee Jacket, Color: Olive, Size: XL…
Fabric composition: A 600 denier woven oxford exterior offers rugged durability.

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