Best GoPro for Fishing

You can have some epic moments when out fishing. That's why so many of us use a GoPro to capture those significant moments. Read on to know our top picks for the best GoPro for fishing and where to purchase them.
best gopro for fishing

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You can have some epic moments when out fishing. That’s why so many anglers use a GoPro to capture those significant moments that you don’t want to forget. GoPros are perfect for shooting photos and video on the move, and most of them are waterproof. That makes them ideal for snapping shots of that lunker you caught, or recording what’s going on under the surface.

So, what makes a GoPro so useful for anglers? Firstly, they’re compact and rugged. You can mount them on your fishing pole, boat, or anywhere else, and they’re designed to withstand the action. Plus, there’s nothing better than having evidence of the trophy-size fish you caught on your recent fishing trip!

You can also have a look at some awesome videos of trout jumping on our Amazing Trout Jumping Videos here.

Here’s the Fly Fisher Pro guide to the best GoPros for fishing! We’ll review the top products for every budget, so you can find the right camera for you.

Image Product Details  
flyfisherpro-table__imageMost CompactGoPro Hero5 Session
  • 4k 30fps Videos / 10mp Photos
  • Waterproof to 33ft
  • Very Durable
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flyfisherpro-table__imageGoPro AlternativeAKASO EK7000
  • 4k 25fps Videos / 12MP Photos
  • Waterproof 100ft (w/ Case)
  • Needs Case To Be Waterproof
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest QualityGoPro HERO8 Black
  • 4k 60fps Videos / 12MP Photos
  • Waterproof 33ft
  • Hypersmooth / Timelapses Built In
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Our Buying Guide

The best GoPros for fishing are waterproof, hardwearing, and easy to use. But there are a few other things you should think about before buying, too. Tick these factors off your list to know that you’ve chosen a great GoPro for fishing!

Waterproofing & Durability

Your GoPro will inevitably come into contact with water at some point when you’re out fishing. You might also want to take underwater shots, so double-check that your chosen camera is fully waterproofed. But unless you plan on snorkeling, you don’t need to worry about finding the model with the deepest water depth.

Another thing to look out for is a sturdy camera that can withstand a few bumps. You want a camera that will last and can handle all the action!


Many GoPro cameras at the higher end of the price range will have a touchscreen on the back of the camera. This is a handy feature, as it allows you to have a sneak peek at what you’re filming. It’s also easy to use to watch back footage or do some quick edits.

Video/Image quality

You want a camera that can record high-quality video and take single shots, too. Look for a camera that has high resolution and can shoot many images per second. The standard speed is around 30 frames per second, but some cameras can reach 60 frames per second or higher. Video stabilization is another excellent feature, as it will steady your camera, so you don’t get a blurry image.

If you’re looking for one of the best underwater fishing camera then we have reviewed them separately.


GoPros can really burn through batteries very quickly. That’s why you should look up the battery life of each model and buy spares as necessary, so you’re not caught out halfway through your fishing trip.


The more memory on your GoPro camera, the better. Then, you’ll be able to capture as much footage as you like without running out of space. Look for a camera that allows you to add a memory card for extra storage space, too.

fishing gopro

Best GoPro for Fishing: Our Reviews!

Now you know what makes a GoPro suitable for fishing, let’s get onto the reviews!

HERO Session

GoPro Hero Session Holiday Promo Kit

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The GoPro Hero Session is another excellent action camera for fishing. It’s slightly smaller than the other Hero models, making it more versatile and easier to mount. It can capture up to 1440p video at 30fps and has an 8MP camera. You can also experiment with the Burst mode for multiple shots and the time-lapse feature.

The Session is very lightweight and has a longer battery life than other GoPro models. However, it doesn’t have an LCD screen, meaning that you have to film blind. If you don’t use this feature, then it’s not an issue. But if you want to see what you’re filming, check out the other models on our list.

As you’d expect, it offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also use the GoPro app with this GoPro Hero to edit your photos and videos effortlessly.

The Session is the best compact GoPro for fishing on the market right now. If you’re looking for a simple camera for high-quality images and don’t need a touch display, go for this one!


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • More versatile than bigger cameras
  • Long battery life


  • Lower camera resolution of 8MP
  • No LCD screen


AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera

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If you want to capture images and video when fishing but you’re on a tight budget, check out the AKASO EK7000. It’s a bargain at around $60, but it still offers some great features.

This budget camera can capture 4K video at 25 fps and boasts a 12MP camera. That makes the AKASO EK700 a worthy contender against the well-known (and pricier) GoPro cameras.

It comes with a wrist remote for hands-free photos and two rechargeable batteries. Each battery should last 90 minutes, so if you’re planning a long fishing trip, you might want to stock up on some spares. Plus, it’s waterproof down to 98 feet and built to withstand all sorts of conditions. This camera should last you for a long time.

In conclusion, the AKASO EK7000 is a fantastic alternative to GoPro cameras. You can capture great shots and videos without breaking the bank!


  • High resolution, high-quality video & images
  • Includes a remote for hands-free shots
  • Amazing budget price
  • You get 2 rechargeable batteries with this camera


  • The app can be tricky to use
  • The video can sometimes lag when recording 4K

GoPro HERO8 Waterproof Action Camera

GoPro HERO8 Waterproof Action Camera

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The Hero 8 is the latest offering from GoPro, and it doesn’t disappoint! It’s an improvement upon the Hero 7 in many different ways, from the longer-lasting battery to the HyperSmooth video software and the ease of use.

You can mount the Hero 8 and capture underwater photos without any need for housing. The result is some of the most stunning underwater images I’ve ever seen! This version is also more versatile, as you can use it with any kind of mount you like.

It’s compact and lightweight, with amazing new video stabilization that beats anything else on the market. It also has many exciting new features like LiveBurst, which records for a second before and after you take a shot. That way, you can pick out the best images or share short videos on social media.

For awesome videos of t

All in all, the GoPro Hero 7 is one of the best action cameras for fishing. If you already own a Hero 7, you might want to consider whether it’s worth upgrading. But if you’re buying your first GoPro or upgrading from an earlier model, you won’t regret going for the Hero 8.


  • The GoPro Hero 8 is even easier to use
  • Integrated mounting makes it very versatile
  • High quality 1080p video at 60fps
  • Incredible video stabilization for super steady footage


  • The image quality suffers in low light
  • Some users report that the battery door can come off

AKASO Brave 4

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera

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The Brave 4 is AKASO’s slightly more expensive offering, but it’s still an affordable price for an action camera at under $100. If your budget won’t stretch to a GoPro, this makes an excellent alternative.

It can record 4K video at 24fps, and the 20MP camera produces incredibly crisp images. You can angle the camera to create the shot you want, while the built-in gyroscope ensures that your image won’t come out blurry. For underwater shots, you do need to use the waterproof housing. Then, you can lower it up to 30 meters below the surface for detailed, clear underwater shots.

This camera comes with everything you need, including two rechargeable batteries, so you’re not caught out halfway through the day. You also get 19 different accessories and a remote wristband so that you can control the camera from a distance.

The AKASO Brave 4 offers exceptional value for your money and offers everything you need to take great fishing videos and shots. It might not have the advanced features of more expensive action cameras, but it gets the job done!


  • Great value for money
  • Waterproof to 30m
  • Comes with a cool range of accessories


  • You might need to buy additional batteries for longer trips
  • The interface is not the easiest to use

Hero7 Silver

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

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The GoPro Hero 7 silver is an amazing, compact camera for fishing. With 4k and 30 frames/second, it captures exceptional shots and videos. You’ll be able to take stunning, crisp pictures of all the action with this handy GoPro.

It has some cool features, like the video and image mode, which allows you to snapshots at the same time as filming. Other advanced functions include Time Lapse, Night Photo, and the Auto Low Light Mode. These features boost your image quality, no matter what the conditions are. It’s capable of a narrow, medium, and ultrawide field of view.

You can use the Hero7 hands-free from your phone, making it easy to snap the best shots from a distance. The LCD touchscreen allows you to see exactly what you’re filming. Hero 7 is straightforward to use with a simple interface, so you can get started straight away.

This GoPro is waterproof down to 131 feet, and it’s very durable. The main drawback is that it sucks the juice out of the battery at an alarming rate. You’ll need to stock up on at least 1 or 2 more rechargeable batteries to last your fishing trip.


  • Beautiful, crisp images and video#
  • 12MP camera
  • Captures 4k 30 frames/second
  • Hands-free shots using your phone or the remote
  • The LCD touchscreen is easy to use and lets you see what you’re filming


  • Very short battery life (buy a spare battery)
  • You lose some clarity when shooting at night

DBPOWER EX7000 (Touchscreen)

DBPOWER EX7000 14MP Touchscreen Waterproof Camera

Check Current Price

The DBPOWER EX7000 is a super budget action camera, but don’t let that put you off. It has most of the features a more expensive camera would have at a fraction of the cost. With a 14MP camera, you can take some fantastic photos with the EX7000. It can also record 4K video and has a touchscreen for ease of use.

The interface is user-friendly, fast, and responsive. If you’re looking for your first GoPro, this is an excellent choice as it’s so easy to get the hang of quickly. The EX7000 comes with a waterproof remote control, selfie stick, and two batteries. You also get a waterproof case for underwater shots, so you can snap that monster fish that got away.

While this brand is not as well-known, it’s a fantastic action camera for fishing. You won’t be disappointed by the image quality, but you’ll also save some cash (so you can splurge on more fishing gear!)


  • Great budget fishing camera
  • Responsive, user-friendly interface
  • The touchscreen is useful for quick previews and edits


  • No battery charger included
  • Lacks detailed instructions

best gopros for fishing


What is the best GoPro for fishing?

In our opinion, the best GoPro for angling is a tie between the Hero Session and the Hero 8. The Hero 8 packs all the latest technology and updates, but it’s more expensive. If you’re looking for a reliable camera for great video and photos but you’re on a tighter budget, go for the Session instead.

What is the best action camera for fishing?

The best action cameras for fishing have to be some of the recent products from GoPro. Have a look at our reviews of the Hero 4, Session, and Hero 8 above. The GoPro Hero5 Black is also a serious contender!

How do you fish with a GoPro?

You can mount your GoPro on your fishing rod, your boat, or an extendable pole to get some cool fishing shots. There are different ways to use your GoPro while fishing. You can set it up to film non-stop to catch the action, or you can take still shots and slow-motion photos. Don’t forget to capture some underwater shots, too! If you want more tips on fishing with a GoPro, check out this video over at the Orvis website! [1]

Which is the best GoPro to buy 2021?

The best fishing GoPro to buy in 2021 would have to be the Hero 8! We love the new updates like the HyperSmooth stabilization software and the faster fps video recording. The GoPro Hero5 Black deserves a mention too, as it’s an all-round action camera that produces high-quality footage.

The Wrap Up

A fishing GoPro is an awesome tool for any avid angler, allowing you to preserve those epic moments for the future. For fishing, you need a camera that is durable and waterproof but is capable of high-quality video and photos. We picked out only the best cameras for anglers, so you can be sure to get a great action camera if you choose from our list!

Feel free to drop us a comment or question below, or share your fishing shots with us! Then, head over to Fly Fisher Pro for more fishing gear reviews and guides to the top fishing destinations!



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