Best Fly Fishing Forums: Connect with Fellow Anglers and Get Tips and Advice

In this article we dive into the best fly fishing forums on the internet. Being a member of a fly fishing forum is an excellent idea for all anglers, whether you’re a complete newbie or a veteran fisherman.

When you’ve got burning questions about fly fishing but you don’t have any angler friends to ask, fly fishing forums are the next best thing! There are a lot of fly fishing forums around, and many of them are amazing resources for enthusiastic fly fishermen and woman. See our review of the best fly fishing forums today!

From budding anglers full of questions to the veteran fisher who wants to discuss technique or get a spot recommendation, fly fishing forums can be incredibly helpful. But not all are made equally – some are more active than others, while certain forums feel much more friendly and welcoming.

Here are our Fly Fisher Pro recommendations for the best fly fishing forums on the net, as of 2023.

Why Fly Fishing Forums are Amazing Resources All Anglers Should Use!

Anglers used to carefully guard their fly fishing secrets and keep all the best knowledge to themselves, but happily, that’s not the case any longer. Fly fishing forums are excellent places for eager anglers to get together, chat, and share their knowledge. 

Why Fly Fishing Forums are Amazing Resources All Anglers Should Use

Learn New Skills

If you’re new to fly fishing, you can get a few handy tips from experienced anglers, and find some mentors to guide you in your new hobby.

And no matter how long you’ve been fishing for, you can always pick up some new useful tidbits like tying tips. There are always ways to improve your skills and get even more enjoyment from fishing!

Talk Fishing With Other Avid Anglers

Fly fishing forums are one of the only places where you’ll find like-minded and eager anglers who are happy to chat patterns, casting, and techniques all day.

If you don’t have any friends locally to fish with and learn from, a fly fishing forum is an ideal place to turn to. Even better, you’ll get more tips and advice from a broader range of people.

Get Answers to Your Questions

When you’re new to fishing with flies, it can feel overwhelming to try to get your head around all the info, techniques, ties, flies, knots, and more. Being able to ask all your questions and get knowledgeable answers from experienced anglers can make all the difference between giving up and developing a greater love for flyfishing.

You could even make some new friends and take part in events run by the community, which might also lead to you creating lifelong friendships.

Find Bargains or Sell Some Old Gear

Some forums even have Classifieds sections, where you can search the posts and find great secondhand gear and tackle on offer.

Want to sell that fly rod that’s just sitting around? Post it on the forum and see if anyone’s interested!

How to Pick the Best Fly Fishing Forums to Frequent

There are a few things that mark a fly fishing forum out as one of the best. Firstly, you want a forum to be active (check the forum statistics to see how many users and members visit each day). It’s also a positive sign if a forum has new people who register every day.

Secondly, you want the members to be friendly, patient, and willing to share their expertise and answer questions. Unfortunately, not all websites have this open, welcoming vibe, but we’ve found the best ones out there for you! We think that the best forums have a good mix between newbies and experienced anglers – this makes for the richest online community.

And last but not least, a fantastic forum will have a wide range of content, from gear reviews and fishing spot reports to the latest news from the fishing world. You can even subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss anything!

Best Flyfishing Forums Online Today

The Best Flyfishing Forums Online Today

Now you know all the reasons why you should check out an online forum, so here are our top recommended fly fishing forums you should take a look at:

North American Fly Fishing Forum

One of the most active forums with more than 7,000 visitors every day, the North American Fly Fishing Forum is a great place to start. Here, you’ll find a huge variety of topics related to fishing are covered here. It’s a vast resource which you can access at any time, covering topics like rod building, fly casting, and more.

This forum has a ‘Regions’ section, where you can find up-to-date fish reports and water conditions in areas all over the US as well as further afield. If you’re planning fishing trips to the Caribbean, Canada, or Mexico, this section will be invaluable! You can also use this section to find a great spot in your local area, or find out how the fish have been behaving recently.

There are specific sub-forums for youths and women who are into this hobby, too, making this site particularly useful if you fall into either of these categories.

To add a bit of fun, you can take part in monthly competitions and games. You might even win one of the cool prizes, often some of the latest gear, so it’s well worth taking part!

While is centered around fishing in Pennsylvania, you’ll find members on here from all over the US and the world, too. is one of the best forums around, where you’ll be sure to find lively discussion, helpful advice, fish reports and more.

It’s useful and accessible to both beginners and veteran anglers. You can find general tips on getting started as well as tying guides, more advanced techniques, and gear reviews.

The Beginner sub-section is a welcoming place where you won’t be made to feel stupid, no matter how basic your question might be. The members tend to be very friendly, generous with their knowledge, and happy to help new fishermen or women. There’s little of the snarkiness you’ll find on some other forums.

The other great thing about this site is that it is very active, so you’ll probably get responses to your posts within an hour.

Another positive aspect of this site is that it holds events and gatherings throughout the year, giving you the chance to meet face-to-face with other users. You can get even more out of your favorite hobby by sharing knowledge, getting to know other eager fishers, and make some real friends too.

The welcoming atmosphere and the real-life meetups make stand out from other online forums.

Spey Pages

Although Spey Pages is aimed mainly at fans of Spey casting, this is another active and useful site to know about. You can find as many as 400 visitors viewing the forum at any one time, and new members register all the time. If you decide to sign up, head over to the ‘New Member Introduction’ thread to say hello and introduce yourself to the regulars!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Spey casting, this bulletin board is for you! Check out the ‘Spey Basics’ section to get you started and get answers to any questions you might have. There are also sections covering rods, tackle, and destinations if you need some inspiration!

Troutnut Fly Fishing Forum

Looking for a chilled-out place on the net to discuss the ins and outs of fishing trout? You’ll love the Troutnut Fly Fishing Forum! It’s got a laidback, relaxed vibe, and just enough rules to keep the place friendly without being patronizing. ‘Use common sense and don’t be a jerk,’ as the owner would put it!

While this site is more aimed at the trout anglers out there and doesn’t offer as much value to the experienced fisher, it’s still worth a mention. The Troutnut Forum is ideal if you’re still relatively new to fishing, and there’s little of the negativity that seems to be rampant on the internet.

Need some guidance on which fly to use when, or with identifying certain aquatic insects? This is the place for you! You can also share photos, read fishing reports, or exchange tips here.

New York Angler

The New York Angler isn’t just a thriving online community – you can also find lots of helpful blogs and podcasts here, too. While this site is most relevant if you’re in the NY area, there’s something for everyone here.

You’ll find sections dedicated to fish in freshwater and saltwater fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing, and more. Of course, there’s the General Discussion section covering anything that doesn’t fit into any specific section.

The NY locals can find recent reports from nearby lakes and rivers or recommendations on the best tackle shops nearby. In the Fishing With Friends section, you can connect with other users, organize a meet-up, or see if anyone wants to team up and hit the water with you.

If you’re a general outdoorsy person, you’ll love the special sections on hiking, climbing, hunting, and more. The NY Angler is one of the most diverse forums, covering all aspects of fishing and a lot more too. 

The Wrap Up

The Wrap Up

Being a member of a fly fishing forum is an excellent idea for all anglers, whether you’re a complete newbie or a veteran fisherman. A fly fishing forum is a friendly, welcoming community, where beginners can get answers to their questions. Where else can you talk about everything fly fishing amongst like-minded souls?! There’s nothing better than a juicy fishing discussion you can really get stuck into, and that’s what a fly fishing forum does best!

We hope you’ve found this blog helpful! Let us know which is your favorite fly fishing forum in the comments below – we’d love to know!

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