Shop with Confidence: The Best Online Fly Fishing Store

Whether you’re looking for a new fly rod, fly tying materials, advice about fly fishing trips, or are just looking for some fly fishing apparel, you’ll find the best fly shop for each of them featured below.

Have you been in search of the best store to buy your fly fishing gear online? If so, you have come to the right place.

Having been in the fly fishing industry for over 20 years, I have been around the block when it comes to sourcing the best fly fishing gear online and I’m going to share my favorite online fly shop or five with you.

Whether you’re looking for a new fly rod, fly tying materials, advice about fly fishing trips, or are just looking for some fly fishing apparel, you’ll find the best fly shop for each of them featured below.

Trident Fly Fishing

trident fly fishing

Trident fly fishing is a one-stop-shop for pretty much every piece of fly fishing equipment you could ever need.

Whether you are getting ready to go on a new fly fishing adventure and you need the best fly fishing gear for it or simply need to stock up on fly boxes, flies, and tying materials, they have got you covered.

Trident stock some of the best rods on the market from G Loomis to Sage and Orvis and offer in-depth casting reviews about all the fly rods they stock. This means you can be certain that your new fly rod is exactly what you need it to be.

They also offer the same service with their reels and they hold some of the best reel brands too. Trident will even advise which reel matches which fly rod and the right fly line to balance the whole setup.

When it comes to rods, reels, and even fly lines, Trident has great gear and they don’t stop there. If you want quality fishing packs, luggage, wading boots, tools, accessories, clothing, cold weather gear, and flies for different fishing trips around the world, they carry them.

All this comes with great service, they offer free shipping, and they have an extensive clearance section so you can find things at a better price than at other fly shops.



Most fly anglers have heard of Simms fishing gear as they make some of the best quality fly fishing gear in the world, but they focus on fly fishing clothing and apparel instead of fly rods and reels.

No matter where you plan on going fly fishing, whether it is on the artic rivers of Russia for Atlantic Salmon on the burning hot flats of Seychelles and Mexico, Simms’ fly fishing gear will have you covered.

Their waders, boots, rain jackets, cold weather clothing, hot weather clothing, packs, and more make fly fishing in any environment as comfortable as possible,

Simms also makes tools and accessories too so you can get every bit of fly fishing gear you need from this shop except for your fly rods, reels, lines, etc. Simms also offers a guarantee with most of their fly fishing gear so you can get it fixed or replaced if it breaks.

Trouts Fly Fishing

trouts fly fishing

Trouts Fly Fishing is another excellent shop that carries every piece of fly fishing gear you could need for pretty much every species and environment in the world.

This shop stocks an excellent range of gear too from top-quality rods to fly fish with to more affordable options too. The same goes with all their fly fishing gear including reels, fly tying materials, flies, fly boxes, clothes, apparel, and lots more.

Trouts Fly Fishing also has a sale section on their site where you can find some excellent deals as well as gift ideas for special days like mother’s day.



Orvis is a big name brand that all fly fishers have heard of and a brand you are probably quite familiar with too. Orvis has been making and selling some of the best fly fishing gear on the planet for over 100 years, which is longer than most fly shops.

Orvis makes everything from fly rods to reels, tools, accessories, clothing, waders, boots, flies, fly tying materials, hunting gear, dog supplies, apparel, a waterproof fishing pack, and even clever gifts for mother’s day.

The thing I love about Orvis is that they make quality fly fishing gear to suit the budget of all fly fishers out there. You can find a fly rod and reel that works for any fly fishing techniques that are both affordable and performs well.

Not only that, their Helios 3 rods are some of the best rods on the planet and when paired with their hydros reel, there isn’t a place in the world or a species you can’t fly fish for with it (so long as it is in the right weight).

Casting a Helios 3 is a bit life-changing for a fly angler, well it was for me anyway.

Orvis offers fly fishing equipment for all species from trout to tarpon and billfish, so no matter what species any fly fishermen wants to target, Orvis has them covered.

The service Orvis offers is excellent and if you break one of their rods, reels, or other equipment, it is usually covered by a 25-year guarantee.

Discount Flies

discount flies

Discount Flies is a site that most seasoned fly fishers spend a lot of time on, even if they are into fly tying. We fly fishers don’t quite know how they do it but they offer some of the best quality flies around at way more affordable prices than anyone else.

When I say quality flies, I mean flies that last for 10 fish or more that are tied on excellent hooks that will not bend and break in the fight.

You can find files for all species from trout to GTs and bass and the fly shop will send them to you for free. They also offer collections of flies that come in a fly box so you can buy, for example, a collection of the best bonefish and permit flies, making the life of all fly fishers a little bit easier.

Fly Shack

fly shack

For fly anglers who enjoy fly tying, you should take note of this fly shop. One of the most expensive parts of fly tying is the hooks and this fly shop sells some of the most affordable, high-quality hooks on the market.

Fly anglers will never have to worry about ordering a low-quality hook again with this fly shop. They are super strong, chemically sharpened, and they only cost around $7 for a pack of 100, so your fly tying costs will go way down.

This fly shop also sells fly rods, reels, tools, accessories, and other fly fishing gear too but their specialty is tying materials and flies too. You can find flies for a ton of species on this site from trout to bonefish and permit.

J Stockard Fly Fishing

J Stockard Fly Fishing

If you like to fly fish with a fly you have tied yourself then a shop you have to know about is J Stockard Fly Fishing. This store holds the largest range of fly tying materials around and at some of the best prices on the planet too.

They don’t only have materials either, they also have top-quality hooks, tungsten heads, dumbbell eyes, and even fly fishing lines too.

This fly shop is the largest supplier of materials for fly tying in the US and you will find everything you need from wax to thread, yarn, braid, vises, and more too.

You will find top fly fishing brands like Tiemco, Mustad, Daiichi, Gammakatsu, and more from this fly-fihsing shop. If fly tying is something you want to get into, then this is the shop to buy your materials from.


Can You Buy A High-Quality Fly Rod Online?

Yes, absolutely, so long as you know exactly what fly rod you want. High-end fly rods cost around $1000 so you don’t want to buy the wrong one, so it can be prudent to try out the rod first at a local store and then look for a better deal online.

That being said, most online stores like Trident, for example, will carry a much larger range of high-end fly rods than a local store down the road.

Should I Shop For Fly Fishing Gear Locally Or Online?

Now, everyone says you should support your local fly shop and I have to agree with this as they depend on us anglers for survival a lot more than the giant online stores do. That being said, your local shop won’t necessarily stock everything you are looking for, for example, it might not hold the right brands you are looking for.

So, I would suggest buying some of your gear online and some at your local shop too so that you get what you want and you are supporting your local shop too.

Is Booking Fly Fishing Trips Online A Good Idea?

Having fly fished all over the world, I can honestly say, there is no better way of researching a new fly fishing trip than online. All the online fishing travel agents have great details about each destination and more than enough info for you to decide on a few to choose from.

I would suggest talking to someone on the phone before you book though so you can be sure that you are going on the right trip for you

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