The Best 3 Weight Fly Line in 2023 – Buyers Guide

One of the most integral pieces of your fly fishing setup is your fly line.  Since 6 weights are an all-around weight for a lot of scenarios, getting the best 6 weight fly line for your rod is key to your fishing success, and I’m here to help.

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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest Lake Fly LineScientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Clear Camo Fly Line
  • Clear Stealth Line
  • Heavy Weight Forward Line
  • Slow Sink Rate
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest For NymphingRIO Intouch Xtreme Indicator Fly Line
  • Slick Coating
  • Low Stretch
  • Easy And Intuitive
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flyfisherpro-table__imageBest Trout LineScientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Taper Fly Line
  • Long Forward Taper
  • AST Slick Coating
  • Super Smooth
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Our Best 3 WT Fly Lines

Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Clear Camo Fly Line

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Best Lake Fly Line

Key Features

  • A clear line for stealth when fishing still water
  • Heavy front taper for turning over multiple dry flies and nymphs
  • Reduced memory for less coiling, tangles, and better performance
  • Slow sink rate for fishing beneath the water surface
  • Heavy weight forward line for longer casts

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Sinking
  • Taper: Weight forward
  • Length: 80 feet
  • Color: Clear


Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Clear Camo 6 Weight Fly Line is more than a sink tip, it’s a full slow sinking line for still water trout fishing.

This fly line is the ultimate for fly fishing just under the chop in complete stealth on lakes. The line fly line is completely clear, even the running line, and disappears underwater, so no fish, even the wisest larger trout, will notice it.

The fly line features a super slow sink rate of 1.5-2 IPS which is ideal for shallow water lakes where trout are feeding just below where your floating line can reach. You’ll be able to fish in the top 10 feet of the water column without going too deep and snagging the bottom.

For an in-depth analysis, be sure to check out the video review here.

The fly line also features a heavy front tapered head which is perfect for turning over every weight fly and multiple fly rigs with delicate accuracy. The heavy head also helps make longer shots and loads fast action rods with minimal effort.

RIO Intouch Xtreme Indicator Fly Line

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Best For Nymphing

Key Features

  • Low stretch for excellent bite detection and casting feel
  • Short heavy front taper turns over flies easily at short distances
  • Slick coating for long casts
  • Easy and intuitive for casting with and loads quickly for roll casting
  • Awesome floatation and durability for long-lasting performance

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Floating
  • Taper: Weight forward
  • Length: 80 feet
  • Color: Orange-Moss-Yellow


RIO Intouch Xtreme Indicator Fly Line is perfect for a 6-weight rod when fishing on lakes or rivers, and especially with nymphs.

The fly line comes with a low stretch core for increased bite detection from the subtle fly sips of trout. The low stretch core also provides more feel in your cast for better timing and more control when mending on your drift. This means great presentation in every part of the process until that trout eats.

This Rio fly line also features a short but heavy front taper that loads faster action rods effortlessly and turns over all size flies with ease, particularly heavy multiple nymph rigs.

This half-size heavier head also creates more power in the cast and makes for a better casting distance. When combined with the low-friction slick coating you can push distances of 30 feet and 50 feet way into the running line with minimal effort as the line runs through the guides with almost zero resistance.

For an in-depth analysis, be sure to check out the video review here.

To tie it off, the coating also provides better flotation performance and protects the fly line so you can use it season after season.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Taper Fly Line

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Best Trout Line

Key Features

  • Long forward taper for delicate presentations
  • AST slick coating for long casting distances
  • Perfect for turning over small flies accurately
  • Ideal for nymphing or dry fly fishing where subtly counts most
  • Super smooth and great feel makes a fly line you can trust

Tech. Specs

  • Type: Floating
  • Taper: Weight forward
  • Length: 80 feet
  • Color: Moss/Mist


The Amplitude Smooth Trout Taper Fly Line is a great fly line for the all-around trout angler looking for a fly line that can do it all.

This fly line provides the ultimate performance when it comes to casting length over both a short and long-distance. The weight forward head will load every fly rod, even a fast action rod, give great loops, and helps to punch through the wind. While the extended front taper ensures the flies turnover with the subtlest of presentations.

These lines also come with a textured AST coating which does three things – increase your casting distance, provide better flotation and increase the longevity of the fly line. The coating is slick to reduce friction when the lines travel through the guides of fly rods and it really makes a difference to your casting distance.

For an in-depth analysis, be sure to check out the video review here.

The coating repels water and dirt too, ensuring the fly line floats all the way to the tip, and doesn’t get dirty and damaged.

6wt fly line


What is a 6-weight fly line good for?

A 6-weight fly line is suitable for a variety of freshwater fishing situations, such as trout, bass, panfish, and small steelhead. It is also suitable for larger saltwater species such as snook, redfish, and bonefish.

Is a 6-weight fly line good for beginners?

Yes, a 6-weight fly line is a great choice for beginners. It is easy to cast and versatile enough to be used in a variety of fishing situations. It is also relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for those on a budget.

When should I use a 6 weight fly rod?

6 weight fly rods sit on the heavier end of the freshwater spectrum. You can use rods when fishing for steelhead, trout on large rivers or lakes, smallmouth bass, and even smaller piked if you’re up for a challenge. They truly are an all-around rod weight that is light enough for small trout and steelhead on the same river.

You can take a look at our picks for the best 6 weight fly rod here.

Can you use a 6 wt line on an 8 weight rod?

Putting a 6wt line on an 8wt rod will result in your barely being able to cast as the line won’t load the rod properly.

Rods and line weight should match as closely as possible. You can go up or down one line size compared to your rod weight, so a 5wt line on a 6 wt rod is fine and a good choice for subtle presentations. And a 6wt line on a 5wt rod will be good for punching into the wind a getting a better distance.

Do lines affect which fly fishing reel you choose?

No, but the reels are weighted to match the rods, and since the lines are weighted to match the rods, the lines should also match the reels by default. You can use different reels with different lines but if they’re thicker you might not squeeze it all on, and the reels might unbalance the set-up.

Is low stretch good in a fly line?

No matter what type of fly line you’re using, whether it’s a double taper or another, low stretch is a feature you want to have.

It’ll provide a better connection between you and the fly and the fish. This means better bite detection, better hookups, and more line control in the cast and when mending.

You’ll be able to feel so much more in the cast, subtle bites will become obvious, and you’ll be able to mend from the running line to the leader with ease.

fly line special coating

Should I look for a fly line with a special coating?

You might have seen some lines being described as textured or with an AST coating, and these types of lines have great benefits.

The coating increases floatation so you can see bites with ease, even in strong currents. And because the line is raised on the surface, you can lift it without causing much splashing and far more easily for quick second casts.

The coatings are also low friction to aid with casting distance by lubricating the guides when you’re shooting some line. You’ll notice it immediately and be able to push distances with far less effort than you might have before.

What difference does the front taper make to fly presentation?

On every kind of line, even on a double taper, the longer the taper at the front the more delicate the presentation of your fly. But there is a payoff. If the taper is too long it won’t work for large flies so well, too short, and it might be a little noisy on landing.

Weighting Away

All the fly lines featured above are pretty awesome and picking the one for your 6 weight might be a little challenging.

I’d go for the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Trout Taper Fly Line every time. It’s perfect for fly fishing for spooky fish thanks to the extended front tapered tip which provides tight loops and turnover for the best presentation a line can provide. You can use it on big lakes, small rivers, with big or small flies. If there is fish you need to tempt out of its hole, this is the line to do it with.

When it comes to fly fishing on lakes, it’s hard to beat the SA Sonar Stillwater Clear Camo Fly Line. These fly lines are invisible to fish and sink at a slow rate so you can get your fly just under the surface with absolute stealth. Perfect for using stillwater trout flies. They are also great for tight loops and making a long cast over big bodies of water and are designed for turning over the multiple fly rigs you’d be fishing often on lakes.

Thanks for reading my article about the best 6 weight fly lines. Please share it around with your fishing buddies and always check here before you head to the fly shop. We cover everything with all the info you might need to make the right choice.

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